Fangyuan Junior High School's only mud-staff training in Taiwan

Fangyuan Intermediate School has the only self-organized mud-technical training course in Taiwan. It cooperates with Erlin Industry and Commerce and local enterprises to introduce professional teachers. It selects volunteer 3rd grade students through sexual orientation tests and guides mud-techniques in a mentorship system. It is also possible to enter the neighboring Erlin Industry and Commerce through a project-free way, and in the future, it will also be possible to work directly in the industry. It has been 8 years since the establishment of the Fangyuan Elementary School mud farming class. In addition to cultivating students' mud farming skills, it also restricts all students from working attitude, clothing appearance, and clean classroom environment, etc. I hope that all trained mud farming staff will bring good habits. In the workplace, the traditional construction site culture can be reversed and the stereotypes of mud workers can be erased. 61-year-old professional teacher Xie Dongmin said that he has been engaged in the construction industry since the age of 19. Now the environment is very different from before. If he wanted to study, he had to go to the construction site to "lead a teacher." Even if the salary is low, it depends on whether the master is willing to teach you. Besides helping with miscellaneous things, he also helped to buy bento. He couldn't learn anything. Now he is a coach who teaches kung fu wholeheartedly to the students, and they can look good after 15 lessons. Xie Dongmin said that Taiwan ’s construction industry is facing a problem of lack of work. A mud master ca n’t be hired for 2800 yuan a day. Through the school ’s self-employed training, young local talents are trained, and children in the countryside are generally more able to endure hardships. Working technology cannot be replaced by machines. Everyone's feel is different. It takes a long time to practice, and it can't be learned in an instant. Hong Shiyi, a clay student, said that he did n’t know anything about clay at all, because the margin will be more interested in learning more. I think the most difficult thing is to put the concrete on the bottom and close it. It looks smooth enough, thank you very much. The teachers and teachers of the school are instructing. I hope that I can study in Erlin Industry and Commerce in the future and enter the workplace after graduation to apply the technology I have learned to work.


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