Ditch covered without slipping reconstruction of dangerous retaining wall in Sungai


The section of Sangangli at 2K of Shuang'ao Highway in Shuangxi District, due to the serious damage of the side ditch, flooded the road and brought doubts about driving safety. After being invited by the city councilor Lin Yiqi, the relevant unit will survey and find that the retaining wall of the slope was pulled Empty, also included in the construction project, the project has been completed, the use of gutters to increase pavement space, and to ensure driving safety. Sangangli, Shuangxi District is located at the junction of Shuangxi and Gongliao. Usually, a lot of vehicles pass by the Shuangao Highway. However, water problems often occurred in the road area in the past, which caused the vehicles to slip easily. New Taipei City Councillor Lin Yiqi said that because the side ditch beside the road has been in disrepair for a long time, and the passageway is too narrow, causing poor drainage of rainwater. After the survey this year, the construction works include retaining wall reconstruction, side ditch capping, and road asphalt. Shop, the project was completed this month, and the appearance has a new look, hoping to bring better quality to the public. Mr. Ye Junlang, Sangangli said that he was very grateful to members of the council and the municipal government for helping to speed up the project. The Shuangao Highway links the industries of the two places. All types of vehicles will pass by. I hope that passersby will still drive carefully on rainy days. Please pay attention to the in and out of the people, so that each other can enjoy safe traffic.


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