40-year senior mud master teaches middle school students to look forward to inheritance

There is a shortage of construction engineering. https://www.call-master.tw.Changhua Fangyuan Junior High School runs its own technical education to find a way for students' development. Xie Dongmin, a 61-year-old master, has brought students to do mud work for more than 5 years. For one semester, Xie Dongmin said that the mud-making skills in the construction industry are not easily replaced by machines, and there is a demand in the construction industry around the world. In order to increase student skills, various middle schools in the southwest corner of Changhua have successively established skill classes that meet market needs. There are hydropower classes in the Ayutthaya Middle School, painting classes in the Wanxing Middle School, and mud classes in the Fangyuan Middle School. After the test, students can also be recruited through a special project, which can be connected to the decoration technology department of Erlin Industry and Commerce free of charge. The mud course of the National High School is guided by Xie Dongmin, the master of Erlin. Xie Dongmin started construction projects with his brother at the age of 19. After 40 years of rolling on the construction site, he had decathlon, but his left hand retired due to occupational injuries. He went to Fangyuan Elementary School more than 5 years ago as a teacher of the mud training class. Action Bodhisattva Student Association "assisted in setting up a mud practice space. Xie Dongmin said that mud skills take time to accumulate. In the past, they went directly to the construction site to be introduced by the master. It was necessary to start with mixing and moving materials. It was difficult to learn the technology quickly. . But now the construction industry is severely short of work. Taichung formworkers can't find anyone with a salary of 2,800 yuan a day. In the past, it took labor to beat and mix soil. Now it's a lot easier, but it is more about the technique of holding a spatula. Xie Dongmin also said that the stereotype of poor traditional construction culture will also make parents reluctant to let their children learn technology, but now the construction site environment requires safety and cleanliness. He also instills the habit of not smoking and eating betel nuts in class, Fangyuan Many middle school graduates are now doing well in the workplace, and he will continue to pass on experience to students. Lin Jiahe, a student in the mud making class, said that if the wall in the home is damaged, he will repair the wall with his father. It is not hard to do something interesting. I hope that I can use this as a career in the future. Student Lin Chengwei said that he is not interested in reading, but hopes Learning a skill can help the future.


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