Doing things seriously and having a good life, Yue Yue and Li Cuiling are "the most beautiful mud workmen"

The pursuit of beauty is everyone's right. Li Yueling,, who has lived in Taoyuan for more than ten years, participates in the activities of sisters in the same town, or visits friends with her husband. She likes to wear beautiful clothes, and most people think she wo n’t do anything, it ’s all because of her husband ’s care; "Marrying chicken with chicken" followed the muddy master's husband to do mudwork. The couple saw the renovated house became bright and comfortable, and felt very successful. Li Chuiling and his good sister Ruan Hongyu recently participated in the "New Residents Cross-Hand Wedding Dress Show" organized by the Taoyuan City Yueping Rights Promotion Association at the Taoyuan New Residents Cultural Center. The bright red Vietnamese national costume won the sisters in the same town who said she was "The Most Beautiful Mason". ▲ Yueping Li Cuiling was awarded the "most beautiful mudworker". ▲ Li Cuiling is very happy to do masonry with the husband (left and center). When not working, the beautiful one (right) who likes to wear will give herself a good mood. (Photo: courtesy of Li Chuiling) Li Chuiling said that her husband is a mud master and has many years of experience in mud making. All kinds of mud making projects such as bricklaying and masonry are his specialty. After marrying in Taiwan, she became his "student" and was responsible for laying bricks. She is in charge of wiping the seams so that the renovated house becomes bright and comfortable, and feels very successful. So, when working with Mr., put on work clothes, she is a mason who is serious about doing things. However, she believes that the pursuit of beauty is everyone's right. It is the common view of her and her husband to work seriously and live a happy life. Therefore, when she is not working, she always likes to wear beautiful clothes to make herself have a good mood. More confident. The Taoyuan City Cultural Bureau will display the "Multinational Hand in Hand-New Residents 'Marriage Special Exhibition" at the New Residents' Cultural Center from March 1 to March 1, showing 22 new residents from various countries from their perspectives. The process of the new family welcomes the public to participate in the exhibition.


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