Hualien mud craftsman Lin Shu declassified the repair of the wall of the prosecutor's dormitory

The Attorney General's Quarters in the center of Hualien is an 83-year-old Japanese-style building. It was opened last year after restoration. Today, the restoration master Lin Linshu is invited to demonstrate the production process of the bamboo wall made of bamboo. House secret for many years. Shen Yiqi, the director of the construction site responsible for the restoration project of the inspector general's dormitory, accepted an interview with a reporter from the Central Agency. Hualien Master, is responsible for wall repair. Shen Yiqi said that each wall has to go through three layers of coating procedures, and each layer must wait until it is completely dry before proceeding to the next step. It takes 2 to 3 times more time than ordinary cement, and it will be pulled again when the weather is bad. Long, suitable coatings are not easy to obtain. Even the purchase of paddy soil with sufficient viscosity in paddy fields is the test of this wall repair. Lin Shu was interviewed by a reporter from the Central News Agency and pointed out that the mud-making method of this Japanese-style wall is more complicated than ordinary cement. The "wood folding wall" supporting the wall must be woven with bamboo before the next coating process can be performed. This project , Wall repair alone, together with the pre-work, will be completed in nearly half a year. Lin Shu said that the wall coating should be made of sticky soil, adding rice bran and rice straw, so that the wall can breathe, and the shock resistance is better. Finally, the good lime is coated, the only fear is that water leakage will make the wall It rots from the inside out and loses its support. As long as it is waterproof, it is not a problem for the building to be a hundred years old. Now the construction method also adds termite protection, which can certainly last longer. Lin Shu said that when he was a kid, he used to play near the prosecutor's dormitory. It was of great significance to undertake the restoration project. The overall internal condition of the building was well preserved, and only a few of the walls he was responsible for repairing were damaged due to water leakage. Lin Shu said that when he was 15 years old, he went to Hsinchu to learn mud-making techniques, including old Japanese construction techniques. After returning to Hualien, he helped repair the grey wall repairs such as the Hualien Cultural and Creative Park, Guangfu Sugar Factory and Qingxiuyuan. Son Now also follow him to learn clay, is the next generation of successors. The prosecutor's dormitory is located at the intersection of Sanmin Street and Jiujie Street in Hualien City. It was provided to the Prosecutor's residence during the Japanese rule in 1936. During the Japanese rule, there were 3 prosecutors and 20 post prosecutors. Retired Attorney General Chen Muquan is over 80 years old. Hualien County Cultural Bureau Changjiang Yuechen said that the Attorney General's dormitory is currently open to the public to visit freely. It is expected that the tender will be commissioned on January 1 next year. The lease will be for two years and there will be no restrictions on any industry. Provide venue creation or exhibition.


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