Studying mud for flipping fate Higher vocational students become female apprentices

Changhua County's Erlin Industrial and Commercial Center is located in the southwest corner of Changhua. are many disadvantaged students. The school offers practical skills classes to allow students to learn a skill. Among them, decoration technology, students learn mud, lacquer and woodworking. , The school cooperates with the industry to provide students with internships inside and outside the school. At present, it has helped half of the students in this year's graduating class to find internship opportunities for 16 people, and they have the opportunity to work early to make money. Huang Chenyu, director of the Erlin Business and Industrial Construction Department, said that in the past, most of the professional courses in mud and lacquer in architecture were apprentices who followed the master's studies. Due to physical exertion and technical faults, the school opened the decoration technology department 4 years ago. Students not only studied architecture Theory and interior design, mud work, lacquer work and other "rough work" must be done. Practical skills classes have an internship time of 80%. Huang Chenxun pointed out that teachers have relatively heavy class hours, and because the school is remote, it is not easy to hire teachers. It is still difficult to promote industry and school. On-site internships, but inadequate work results in the construction company sending people to re-process, which consumes manpower and waste material transportation costs. Both teachers and students are under pressure. Students will take the initiative to practice before going to the internship at the site. We can clean tools by the side. Zheng Yuzhu, the principal of Erlin Industry and Commerce pointed out that in recent years, the school has cooperated with Guanye Enterprise and the Taiwan Fireproof Green Building Materials Decoration Society. The industry provides opportunities for internships and guidance for students. Hong Yikai, a second-year student of Erlin Industrial and Commercial Decoration Technology Department, recently went to the construction site for an internship. He said that the cement is a strong alkali. If it is continued for a few days, rashes will appear. You can only wear gloves. He pointed out that after the internship, it was found that the construction site was also required to be clean and tidy. After the work, he was required to change into clean clothes before leaving, and it is not always necessary to have bad habits such as eating betel nut, smoking and drinking after working on the construction site. Hong Yuting, a second-year student, is one of the few female students who practice in mud. She thinks that she can be competent and competent, but she also finds that the girls at the construction site have a heavy physical burden. There is a fine division of labor in the area. Wiping the walls, sticking tiles, repairing the seams, etc. each has its own skills. Simply priming the walls, the quality of the walls will be very different. In order to allow students to gain external affirmation and increase self-confidence, the works of teachers and students of Architecture, Decoration Technology, and Interior Design were exhibited at the Erlin Town Library this month. Students Lin Minghao, Zhou Yanxun, and others will damage the vermiculite seats in the school. The design and maintenance are completely renewed, and the coasters are also made of cement and tiles to give creative ideas to the traditional technology.


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