Qian Renhao is very happy to make art and create a comfortable life

Director Qian Renhao has a very individual idea. His home is like a movie scene, https://www.call-master.tw,with a rough taste and handmade feel everywhere. When Qian Renhao was decorating the home, he saved the soil material and applied it to the cement wall of the home. It was also an industrial house with special furniture and furnishings. Qian Renhao's personality and aesthetic design were different. Because I have a good impression of Le Tu, when Qian Renhao planned to open an old European furniture store on Wenchang Street, he thought of using Le Tu materials, but unfortunately, he did not match it with the "Comfortable Living Truffles Living" composite furniture restaurant It's already opened, and the whole store is really filled with special style and taste. Qian Renhao supports mud work to improve engineering art However, Qian Renhao still hoped that there would be a space for the show in the store, so he talked with Dr. Guo Wenyi and the chief of strategy Zhuang Hansong. Guo Wenyi said that in addition to making the silt of the reservoir into a new building and repairing materials, the team at Leto also hopes to upgrade Taiwan's traditional mud craftsmanship to the level of fashion and artistry, and seeks young mud masters who are willing to improve themselves. I have 3 young masters in their 30s, who keep practicing constantly. Qian Renhao is quite supportive of such a concept, and generously provides a venue for the mud master to fully exert his hard-working skills. Most of the wall decoration materials in Taiwan are imported from Europe, the United States, and Japan, and because of construction technology and quality control problems, they are mostly made by agents and workers, and the price is not close to the people. In order to expand the scope of reservoir silt reuse, the Lotto team is determined to develop Taiwan's "national version" of economical wall decoration materials. The goal is that no special work classes are required. As long as there is creativity, everyone can do it. In addition, for the high temperature and humid environment in Taiwan, the design of the material is based on the cement material, which can make the wall decoration materials more breathable. Aesthetic level. Heroes deserve heroes, from left to right Ah Yin, Ah Hong, Zhuang Hansong, strategy director, A Wei, and Qian Renhao. (Comfortable life fan page provided) Heroes deserve heroes, from left to right: A Xian Shi, A Hong Shi, Zhuang Hansong Strategy Chief, A Wei Shi, and Qian Renhao. (Provided by Comfort Life Fan Page) Letu team pushes mud creation to develop wall decoration art However, the clay work in Taiwan has always been considered as a basic work and not on the table. In major building materials exhibitions, domestic manufacturers will only invite foreign masters to demonstrate, but domestic masters are not able to show their skills. The LeTu team hopes that the creation of Taiwan clay works can be seen internationally and attracts three like-minded masters. A Hong, Axian and Awei are all young masters from the clay work family. They have a deep foundation for clay work and have high requirements on themselves. high. Among them, Mr. A Hong is a master of tiling, Mr. A Xian is a top-ranking powder light artist, and Mr. A Wei is an expert in repairing and waterproofing. Three of them use their spare time to "comfortably live", and show the art of cement powder light and the light of stucco plaster. Coating and other techniques. Interested friends are welcome to "comfortable life" to see the creation of Daren.


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