Ministry of Transport: Accurately and Promote Resumption of Highway Waterway Project

People's Daily Online, Beijing, March 10 (Feng Li) The Ministry of Transport issued a notice on the official website on the 9th about the quality and safety of the resumption of highway water transport projects during the period of epidemic prevention and control. The notice stated that under the premise of prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the resumption of highway water transport projects was started accurately and steadily, and the quality and safety bottom line was firmly maintained, general accidents were effectively reduced, and serious and serious quality and safety accidents were strictly prevented. Effectively strengthen the quality and safety guarantee of resumption ——Do a good job in guaranteeing policies and measures. Local transportation authorities at all levels should investigate the situation of resumption projects in their jurisdictions, comprehensively study the quality and safety risks brought by the epidemic, analyze the risk factors, predict the degree of risk, and formulate prevention and control measures. Guide relevant units to implement measures related to quality and safety such as construction period guarantee, cost compensation, etc., and implement precise policies according to the risk level of the epidemic. Strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant departments, optimize quality and safety supervision procedures for resumption, and improve supervision efficiency. ——Good construction organization guarantee. Supervise engineering project units to consider factors such as resumed construction materials, personnel, equipment, and epidemic prevention, accurately grasp the characteristics of project quality and safety, and the characteristics of hidden dangers during the construction phase of the project, adjust the construction organization in a timely manner, and be scientific under the premise of strict prevention and control of epidemic conditions and quality and safety Orderly return to work started. -Do a good job in protecting employees. Supervise and guide the employment units to fully grasp the personnel dynamics, and the key technical personnel must be accurate in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and under the premise of strict prevention and control of the epidemic, organize the personnel to return to their posts in an orderly manner. Due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the management technicians cannot arrive at the post in time, shall formulate a temporary post plan, do a good job review, and temporarily adjust to other qualified personnel. The review of the qualification certificates of the main responsible persons of construction enterprises and safety production management personnel who are about to expire can be appropriately simplified to ensure that personnel perform their duties on the job. —— Do a good job in ensuring safe production conditions. Local transportation authorities at all levels should increase the inspection of work safety conditions for resumption projects, and urge construction, supervision, and construction units to implement relevant safeguard measures for work safety conditions. Organize safety risk identification and hidden danger investigation to ensure adequate preparations for resumption of work, complete preventive measures, and thorough investigation and management of hidden dangers. Effectively strengthen quality and safety supervision of resumption ——Strengthening project quality control. Compact the primary responsibility of the construction unit and the main responsibility of the construction enterprise, strictly implement the construction quality control procedures, and effectively implement the materials and equipment entry checkpoints, process quality acceptance checkpoints, and project quality evaluation checkpoints to ensure that the quality standards are not reduced. Give full play to the guarantee function of the test and inspection, strictly follow the rules, the data is true and reliable, and the information is complete. Seriously investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations such as non-design, non-plan construction, cutting corners, and data falsification. — Strengthening construction safety supervision. Consolidate the corporate responsibility, strengthen the management of special construction plans, ensure the quality of plan preparation, strictly review and review procedures, and effectively guide project construction. Strengthen the management of production safety funds, strictly extract the proportion, improve the management system, and make special funds available. Supervise practitioners to provide technical and management personnel with construction experience and professional capabilities that match the scale and technical difficulty of the project according to safety and technical characteristics; enhance the pertinence of safety education, pre-job training, and safety technology disclosure for returning workers. Continue to promote the normalization of the construction of a “safe construction site”. -Strictly investigate and deal with the "red line problem". In accordance with the special action requirements of "Standing on the Red Line of Quality and Safety of Highway and Water Transport Projects", formulate plans, establish ledger accounts, strengthen rectification, and dynamically clear. It is necessary to strengthen the inspection and management of safety hazards in key parts such as high pier pylons, bad geological tunnels, high slopes of roads, deep foundation pits, waterfront operations, caissons, ship lock rooms, and engineering cofferdams. Comprehensively investigate the problems and hidden dangers of design check calculations, installation locations, installation forms, maintenance and replacement, and working environment of key parts of temporary structures. ——Strengthen the safety management of tunnel construction. Strengthen the advance geological forecast and monitoring measurement management of tunnel construction, strictly plan approval, and pay close attention to the implementation of the plan. According to the design and construction plan, strictly control the excavation, initial support, and second lining construction steps, and strengthen the safety management of pyrotechnic products. Strengthen data analysis and judgment, make full use of monitoring results to guide construction, effectively prevent and control safety risks, and strictly prevent accidents such as collapse, gas explosion (outstanding), gunpowder explosion, and mud gushing water. ——Strengthen the safety management of special equipment. Supervise the construction unit to use qualified bridge erecting machines, gantry cranes and other special equipment, and establish safety technical files such as equipment and operators; hire qualified units to install and dismantle the equipment, and strictly inspect and accept the equipment according to regulations. Supervise construction units, manufacturers, and supervision units to strictly perform joint acceptance of non-standard special equipment such as hanging baskets and climbing molds. It is strictly forbidden to enter the site with untested special equipment, non-standard special equipment without joint acceptance, or equipment that fails inspection and acceptance. ——Strengthen site construction safety protection. Supervise the construction unit to provide safety protective equipment, set up safe operating platforms, and set up safety protection facilities in accordance with regulations. Unprotected operations are strictly prohibited. Strictly investigate violations and risk-taking operations, and resolutely put an end to the "three violations" phenomenon. Strictly carry out epidemic prevention and control and emergency work ——Conscientiously implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the local epidemic prevention and control requirements, we must strictly implement the responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, improve epidemic prevention and control measures and inspection and reporting systems, incorporate epidemic prevention and control work into daily management, and strictly prevent epidemic occurrence. ——Implement emergency work measures such as early warning plans. It is necessary to strengthen the collection, analysis, and prediction of epidemic, hydrological, meteorological, and geological information, and to issue early warning information in a timely manner. Supervise the working units to improve the emergency management system, strengthen the duty of work safety and information reporting, strengthen the management and implementation of emergency plans, and ensure that emergency rescue is timely and effective.


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