Instructor of the old priests Training of traditional plasterers

Traditional artisan talents have broken down. order to pass on traditional restoration techniques and cultivate young talents, the Cultural Assets Bureau of the Ministry of Culture opened a "Basic Class for Traditional Artisan (Earth Cement) Talent Cultivation Project" in March. Please come to be 83 years old. Mr. Su Qingliang, the old secretary, instructed not only Tainan's local personnel to take classes, but also students who came from Keelung, Yilan, and Hualien to participate in the arts, as well as national players from last year's international skills competition. The "Traditional Craftsman (Earth Cement) Talent Cultivation Project Basic Class" was commissioned by Shao Qingwang, assistant professor at the National Institute of Museums and Antiquities Maintenance of National Tainan University of the Arts. Yesterday morning, he was at the city's historic monument water trade dormitory under restoration. The group carried out practical operations. Under the guidance of Lao Sifu, the students completed group building in groups, ending a total of 48 subjects and disciplines. The five-hour course was awarded a certificate of completion yesterday by the Minister of Cultural Resources, Shi Guolong. The 30 students participating in the course all have experience in soil cement or related certificates, and conduct "on-the-job training" through the course, which includes common wall construction work of cultural assets, such as Japanese-style wooden folding walls and Japanese-style bamboo clips. Mud walls, buckets, clear water brickwork, earthenware, etc., and experts and scholars teach the ethics of literature restoration from an academic perspective, traditional gray work and material understanding, and Japanese and Chinese styles of earth and cement work. Su Qingliang started to use soil cement for repairs at the age of fifteen, and learned in class. He said that whether it is stone masonry, bucket masonry, or earthenware, every step must be paid attention to, and must not be careless. Father and son file Qi Xueyi technology to a higher level The trainees had three pairs of father and son. Although Zheng Xizhen, who had travelled south of Yilan, had bricklaying, whitewashing class B certification and traditional craftsman certification, he brought his son Zheng Ziqiang, who had a tile certification photo, to class; Liu Conglian and Liu Fuhong from Tainan. The father and son filed with a master and relatives who worked together, and a team of five people participated in it. Chen Weizhen, who represented Taiwan in the international skill contest last year, and Guan Xuanming, who engaged in the restoration of historic sites, also signed up for classes. The trainees said that it is rare to have an experienced old secretary I taught it completely from the beginning, and gained a complete understanding of the soil and other related practices.


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