Alfa Safe system formwork is free of mud and stone.

The number of high-rise buildings is increasing year by year. is not difficult to see that home buyers are longing for landscape houses. Compared with the past, people pay more attention to the quality of life and the overall design of the exterior. It is to protect the safety of every occupant. When building a building, every link from planning and design to material selection and construction will have a great impact on structural safety. Therefore, if you want to buy a good house, you must have both the inside and the outside, the appearance is pleasing to the eye, and at the same time there is good structural safety and transparent construction quality. From the height of flat buildings, the shape of reinforced concrete is absolutely indispensable, and the tool for shaping them is the formwork. The formwork includes the support, which generally accounts for 20 to 30% of the cost of the concrete structure, and accounts for 30 to 40% of the engineering labor. About 50%. Formwork technology directly affects the quality, cost and efficiency of engineering construction. Therefore, it is also an important key to promote the progress of building safety and quality. In the early 1980s, Taiwan's construction automation system template construction method was promoted. In the end, due to the change in the size of the building design and the lack of cases, the cost of the system template material could not be amortized and the accuracy of the construction surface could not meet the national decoration Leveling requirements, so I dare not try again. Nowadays, large-scale system formwork material companies have gradually developed into professional system formwork material leasers under the advantages of volume application, which is enough to solve the variable construction size and huge volume demand. 1. Can be drilled and easily repaired The form setting of the building building case is often revised several layers one by one before it is confirmed that it will not be changed. However, the mold material can be drilled to cope with the problem of changing the size. When the hole is not used, it is only necessary to use Silicon to make up. Yes, and the finished surface of the drilling fill level can be ground to remove and directly approve the soil. It can effectively respond to the problem of changing the size of the construction of the building in Taiwan. 2.Diverse size design The size of the beam and column structure of Taiwan buildings varies, and the height of each building project is also different. The closing dimensions at the top of the column wall template are more diverse. The production cost must be considered. In application, it can be rented to execute one. After knowing the use method, you can purchase the basic size specifications that are often used, and the small size specifications on the change side are based on the principle of lease. This flexible application can minimize the cost of purchasing system molding materials. 3. The finished surface is precisely leveled and free of mud The commonly used RC wall of the building is very suitable for system formwork construction, because there is no complex beam-column joint system module assembly and assembly problem, most of the system wall form is directly and tightly closed with steel beams for construction, and the dimensions are consistent and systematic. As long as the decoration surface is flat, a consistent screw hole planning in advance is quite beautiful. It retains the taste of concrete and simple architecture, and the outdoor wall does not need to be painted. Therefore, it is not necessary to set a wall decoration budget, and it can be directly presented. , And the system template can be reused as an option for architectural design planning. 4.Precise construction and reduce leakage One of the reasons is the leakage of common water in residential buildings. The internal pipe of the column wall was drilled. One of the reasons is that when the traditional wood formwork is used to drill tight tie rods, the pipe is accidentally drilled or unknown. Untreated, after the house has been used for a period of time, the water slowly seeps out from the broken hole of the pipeline, which will cause water leakage on the column wall surface. The system's template tightener adopts a three-section lotus fog head screw. The hole positions are planned in advance. The tightening screw is fixed to the outer template in advance when it is applied, and the inner template is sealed after the reinforcement is completed. The problem of accidentally drilling into water and electricity pipelines caused by drilling directly inward can greatly reduce the leakage of water in the column walls of residential buildings. The system template is a good method for planning operations in advance to improve the quality of construction. The Alfa Safe system template solves many problems encountered by traditional system templates, such as the poor quality of workers, improper division of work areas, poor planning of materials and equipment stacking, etc., which often lead to low work efficiency and dangerous regeneration during construction It even causes the increase of engineering cost, prolonged construction period, poor quality and other results. The materials of traditional construction methods are easy to rot and damage, and the reusability is not high. Although it has the advantages of universality and the appearance can be arbitrarily made into any shape, during construction, workers often use electric saws to intercept the required single raw materials, causing environmental pollution in the work area, and even increasing the demand for materials. The mold time is longer, if there is pressure in the construction period, it is often necessary to use multiple sets of templates to increase costs. In terms of cost considerations, if you calculate it, you will find that although the Alfa Safe system template is nearly twice as high as traditional wooden molds, if you deduct the Alfa Safe system template, you do not need to "prime paint" and "reduce building weight 8-9% "Effective, so because the structure is lighter," the amount of steel bars and concrete in the structure can be relatively reduced "and" the indoor net use space is increased ", in fact, the overall economic benefits and value are higher and competitive.


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