Create mud without work and practice "scraping the wall" for one semester

There is a shortage of construction engineering. Changhua Fangyuan Junior High School runs its own technical education to find a way for students' development. Xie Dongmin, a 61-year-old teacher, has brought students to do mud work for more than 5 years. One semester; Xie Dongmin said that the mud-making skills in the construction industry are not easily replaced by machines, and there is a demand in the construction industry around the world. In order to increase student skills in the middle school in the southwest corner of Changhua, students who are not interested in further studies have opened up skill classes that meet the needs of the market; there are hydropower classes at the Ayutthaya Middle School, painting classes at the Wanxing Middle School, and mud classes at the Fangyuan Middle School. After passing the test, students can also enroll through special projects, exempting them from connecting to the Decoration Technology Department of Erlin Business. Xie Dongmin started construction projects with his brother at the age of 19. Rolling on the construction site for 40 years, decathlon, left hand retired due to occupational injury. He went to Fangyuan Elementary School more than 5 years ago as a teacher of mud making class. With the assistance of the Student Aid Association, a mud practice space was set up. Xie Dongmin said that mud cultivation technology takes time to accumulate. In the past, he went directly to the construction site and was introduced by a master. However, he was too busy mixing and moving materials to learn the technology quickly. Now there is a serious shortage of work. Taichung's formwork workers have not been able to find a person for a salary of 2,800 yuan a day. In the past, it took manual labor to beat and mix soil. The stereotype of poor traditional construction site culture has also made parents reject. Xie Dongmin clarified that the construction site environment is now safe and tidy. Many workers do not smoke and do not eat betel nuts. Many graduates of Fangyuan Elementary School have performed well in the workplace. Lin Jiahe, a student in the mud making class, said that the wall in the house was damaged and he would repair the wall with his father. It was not hard to do things of interest. Student Lin Chengwei said that he did not like reading and could learn a skill that would help the future.


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