White knight on the construction site

"Technology and people are one. People must constantly think about how to make use of technology.https://www.call-master.tw. Technology is divided into external and internal, external is what is manifested, internal is their own self-confidence, and only when they have a firm conviction can they create good things. If you cringe in your heart, it will be difficult to create good works. "-Wu Jiaxian. Always wearing a handsome and white shirt, shuttles in the sweaty mud construction site, showing the ultimate craftsmanship. Everyone has Wu Jiaxian, a mud craftsman of the Ministry of Culture and a master of the Luban Prize who also has: professionally recognized by the industry such as Grade A mud water license, Grade B design license, Grade B decoration license, and mud practice training instructor. The staff will be impressed at first glance. Why did you want to show it in a different image? Wu Jiaxian said that because the masters at the construction site were usually not well-dressed, and the perception of the general public also made Master's self-confidence low. Therefore, referring to the dress of German and Japanese staff, he found that they were not only in appearance, but also had different working attitudes. A real professional, because he values ​​his profession, wants to be careful from the inside to the outside, because he knows that everyone will pay attention to himself and wants to be a better role model in the industry. In fact, I have been engaged in mud making for more than 17 years, but in the past two or three years, because I want to reflect my seriousness more, I have started to pay attention to my dress. It is actually not easy to work. Every movement must be careful. Because of their high self-requirement, they also give customers more peace of mind. Wu Jiaxian's dream of engaging in mud work is to build an "anxieju" for each family. He believes that people are at home 70 to 80% of the time, and a good building has a profound impact on people and society. The mud work is an indispensable role in the process of building a house, and there must not be any corner cuts, otherwise the people living will not feel comfortable. He feels that a house is built by a group of staff members. If each staff member can have the same "want to be good" mind, they can build great works. With the spirit of "continuous learning", Wu Jiaxian always learns across boundaries, not only studying illustrations and fine arts, but also adding these experience values ​​to his career, truly achieving the "people as works, works as people" realm. If you want to share with everyone who is chasing your dream in one sentence, Wu Jiaxian said, "Take heart and enthusiasm to what you are doing, love and love it. So whatever you do, it will become an industry. only."


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