Action Bodhisattva Helps Local Villages, Cultivate Erlin Business Talents

The Taiwan Action Bodhisattva Student Association has long supported children in rural areas. County Erlin Industry and Commerce has organized a ceremony to educate students on the basis of a "votive talent training program." Through the local construction industry, the site professionals are recommended to enter the school to teach students mud. As technology, cultivate talents and apply what they have learned. Taiwan Action Bodhisattva Scholarship Association, founded by a number of local companies in the central region, has long supported scholarships, nutritional lunches, and related public welfare activities for local children. In order to keep school education out of line with practice, the former principal of Xuan Guoshi and Guanyin Enterprise of Fangyuan Middle School Chairman Ke Yi and the Association actively asked Erlin Industry and Commerce to talk to build a way for the children of Fangyuan Elementary School mud school. The children of Fangyuan Elementary School mud school can now directly enter the practical skills class of the decoration technology department of Erlin Industry and Commerce. Ke Dong and the master went on to the more advanced mud-making techniques of Erlin Business and Industry. You Jinzhou, the executive secretary of the association, said that the association has long used practical actions to care for children in coastal villages. It hopes to give children "fish" and provide "fishing rods" to teach children "fishing techniques" so that children can acquire skills and improve their home. The economy has become the backbone of society. And promote the so-called three-sense culture, namely sense of responsibility, sense of achievement, and sense of honor. To be a site worker, you must cultivate your own sense of responsibility. After leaving the school, you will lead your younger brothers and sisters to have a sense of accomplishment, and finally let others find that there are many excellent sites. Young people, see the hope of young people, sense of honor. Principal Liu Linghui said that she thanked the Association for its willingness to cultivate talents. It provides students with regular scholarships every year so that they can study at ease, and through the on-site and local mentoring and apprenticeship technology teaching, students can learn the latest professional technologies and enable students to have a livelihood skills in the workplace. . "


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