Spring plowing on the road with agricultural trucks. Houli and Dajia have a lot of grievances.

Now is the time of rice cultivation, https://www.call-master.tw,farmers have been transplanting rice seedlings in succession, and some farmers have driven agricultural vehicles onto flat roads, in addition to affecting driving. After transplanting rice transplanters and cultivators, the soil is easy to adhere to the soil. If the road is not cleared, it will easily cause soil blocks to fall on the road and contaminate the road. If the passing vehicle is rolled to wet and sticky soil, it will easily cause slippage and endanger the safety of pedestrians. The police urged farmers to comply. The police stations in Houli and Dajia have recently received many complaints from the public that there are many large pieces of dirt on the rural roads, most of which are soils that are entrained by agricultural machinery tires and fall on the road, which may affect the driving safety of the knights. The police rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the report. Investigate and remove the mud on the pavement and inform the competent authority of the operation. The Dajia police branch called for farmers and farm machinery farmers to clean their wheels before working in the field to avoid traffic accidents caused by scattered soil roads; if traffic accidents occur, in addition to punishment in accordance with the regulations on road traffic management penalties, Causing people, criminal responsibility. In addition, rubber-wheeled agricultural machinery with more than four wheels capable of driving on the road should apply for agricultural machinery use permits and agricultural machinery license plates to the public office where the household registration is located in accordance with the operating rules for agricultural machinery use permits and comply with road safety regulations When driving on roads, farmers and farmers are requested to cooperate with them to maintain road cleanliness and pedestrian safety to avoid traffic accidents.


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