Construction masters such as mud builders accidentally create "giant cat public toilets"

Hsinchu netizen Jiang Tingting asked the mud master to come to his mother's house for renovation and reconstruction. The mud master brought the sand and soil to be used in the construction process, and placed it on the second floor of the open space for backup. When he didn't expect to use it, he found that the sand was full of cat poop. Below, accidentally made a huge cat litter box. ►ETtoday Pet Cloud has IG! Come follow Witnessing such a special picture, Jiang Tingting was surprised and couldn't help laughing. She said in an interview with "ETtoday Pet Cloud" that in fact there are many stray cats near her home. Brothers who love cats always pay attention to their safety. , And sometimes feed them and let them sit on the wall of their home. "Cats near the community are mostly adults, but the family is full. Therefore, the family specially invited some cats from TNR and fixedly helped them find one. Forever home. " Read on ... The mud master placed a pile of sand in the open space of Jiang Tingting's house. I did not expect that cats mistakenly thought it was a natural "public toilet." Now I saw that the mound was filled with cat poop, and I couldn't help being stupid. How is it good. Fortunately, one of the masters who helped with the construction was also the standard shoveling officer. After seeing this situation, he smiled indifferently, saying that as long as he sifted through a fine net, it would be all right, so that the chaotic scene would have a happy ending. ►Receive the Mao Mao Legion messages instantly! Add Pet Cloud Line It was just that the mud master accidentally created the "cat public toilet" on the occasion of work. It was a very special encounter. Jiang Tingting recorded it and shared it on Facebook, which drew a reply from netizens, "I ’ve piled up for too long ~ XD", " Ready-made cat litter does not pull white or pull it off "," Luxury toilets are big and comfortable "," Feeding sand is stronger "," I do n’t know how long this pile of shoveling will take, "" I want to know the shadow area of ​​the master's heart " Why is the cohesion so good (the key point is misplaced) "," This maiden house has a very delicious finish! "," This shit is finished, everyone will ascend to heaven XD. " ▲ Although cats outside the house are afraid of being born, they are already ligated. ▲ Although cats outside the house are afraid of being born, they are already ligated. A net friend kindly suggested that these sandy soils should not be used after being contaminated with cat's feces. "There is a little construction industry in the home industry, so I have to say seriously that this pile of sand cannot be used anymore and should be replaced in batches.", " It is recommended to lose this batch of cement! Your walls and tiles will be prone to cancer in the future! "," Those sands are advised not to continue to be used in mud! Because the pH value of the sand has changed, " Use cover XD first ".


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