New function of mud making breaks through sales of housing market

The main selling point of the construction project is to eliminate the innate conditions that cannot be changed such as location,, living functions, and transportation. After all, it depends on the acquired design and planning points. The thermal insulation and sound insulation series of mud made by Runtai Precision Materials are used as building materials, demanding home comfort and residential safety. In order to gain the willingness to buy, it has been adopted by a number of builders, creating a lot of topics and sales success, proving that even different new cases in the same location can win the industry at the transaction price. Many domestic builders use Runtai's "heat insulation, sound insulation" and other functional clays as building materials. In addition to adding value for replacement cases, they also produce with the industry ... Many domestic builders use functional clay such as "heat insulation and sound insulation" as building materials. In addition to adding value in replacement cases, they also have differences with their peers and create sales success. Runtai Precision Materials / Provided Based on budget considerations, construction companies also want to build good quality construction projects to gain favor. They often invest in exterior building materials, such as tiles, bathrooms, kitchenware, and airtight windows. Over time, they found that the use of brands in each case is not far behind. As with standard equipment, there is no significant differentiation, and ultimately the price war. In recent years, the issue of residential safety has prospered, and people have turned to the "inner beauty" of real materials. In addition to reinforced concrete and earthquake-resistant structures, the market has regained attention. It also emphasizes comfortable building materials such as sound insulation, heat insulation, and water resistance. It is also very popular, because I don't want to be troubled by noise, sweltering, and water leakage in the future. In fact, these intangibles can be effectively resolved by the invisible mud layer. Runtai Fengsheng manager Wang Luzhong said that the “soundproof floor and thermal insulation mortar” is used in the construction of Xinzhuang Fuduxin, which is different from the general sales center, and the “engineering hall” is specially crafted for display, and the construction materials are fully presented for the visit. The public can clearly understand the operating principle and make differences with their peers. Many customers are frank. After visiting many surrounding construction projects, they finally chose Runtai. In addition to the appearance, even the interior that is usually invisible and unquestionable It is also reassuring to analyze the introduction generously and clearly. Runtai ’s two new cases in Banqiao follow the same specifications. “Fenghui” is close to being sold out, and the new pre-sale “Dingfeng” also uses “Engineering Museum” as a selling point, attracting a lot of house-viewing crowds, and this The trend of "Luohuo Building Materials" is also gradually blowing towards the central and southern markets where the housing market is heating up. Du Yichen, International Manager of Tainan Shengfa, said that due to the exclusive use of Runtai thermal insulation, sound insulation and other series of mud as building materials, the market acceptance is quite high. Due to the significant sales promotion benefits, it is currently intended to fully adopt the construction plan in the plan to improve customer living quality and Comfort. Huang Songshun, chairman of Kaohsiung Songzhen Construction, said that "sound insulation flooring" can not only eliminate ordinary people's concerns about floor noise; "insulation mortar" is a good news for relatively hot high-screen areas, which can expose the wall for a long time. The high-temperature heat energy is isolated from the outdoors, which makes the indoors cooler in the summer and keeps warm in the winter. The air-conditioning air conditioner also reduces consumption, which brings energy-saving and power-saving benefits.


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