Park rides come from reservoir silt, mud and mud are turned into "Taiwan specialty"

Turn sludge into gold? Dr. Chengda PhD student made reservoir water silt to imitate clear water model building materials, entered the DIY market under the brand of "Happy Land",, and also introduced sludge leather and park playground equipment across the border. How did he do it? Those who love the DIY decoration of industrial style space may not be unfamiliar with the brand of "Land of Love". The innovative building materials that claim to be waterproof, breathable, prevent wall cancer, and exhibit the effect of imitation of clear water mold are actually from "reservoir silt". The problem of silt in reservoirs is rarely paid much attention by the society. Taiwan is the 18th water scarce area in the world. Over the years, the government has built a total of 258 reservoirs to eradicate Taiwan ’s water shortage. However, due to sedimentation of rivers and rivers, it takes up 70% of the reservoir ’s volume, which seriously affects water storage. Up to 4 million tons of silt! Reservoir silt will swell as soon as it encounters water, and it is difficult to use. The government commissioned a successful university to conduct research on reservoir silt utilization. Guo Wenyi, then a doctoral student at Chengda University, developed the "Reservoir Silt Modification Technology" to regenerate the silt and become a waterproof and breathable coating. Later, Chengda Technology Co., Ltd. was established, using "Land" as the brand name, and actively promoting the application of silt, hoping to effectively solve the silt problem in reservoirs. Public law database is not hidden, open online database From a graduate student to an entrepreneur, Guo Wenyi's promotion has gone a long way. He originally wanted to cut into the building materials market, hoping to digest the reservoir silt quickly and in large quantities, but the builder's acceptance of the new materials was not high. In addition, mainland China could provide similar materials at lower prices, which made him suffer repeatedly. Refuse. However, Guo Wenyi was determined to find a way for the reservoir silt, so he turned to the mass consumer market. Although the amount was small, little by little, he could gather sand to form a tower to digest the silt. Guo Wenyi develops a series of DIY waterproof material products and toolkits, shoots teaching videos, and goes to sea as a editor to answer the public's incurable diseases. This investment is 10 years, and gradually became the first brand in the DIY market. Talking to users online for a long time, and answering nearly a thousand questions, Guo Wenyi has accumulated an exclusive online database in Taiwan, sorting out easy-to-understand SOPs for people's building repairs. This is the secret of many mud masters to make money, but Guo Wenyi did not hide any secrets and set up online platforms such as "Landscape Architecture Teaching Hospital" and "Lottoland Villa" to let the public read and learn for free. The physical teaching courses started the year before, even art teachers and technology engineers have signed up. Guo Wenyi believes that don't be afraid of competition, but make the market's cake bigger, so that there will be more outlets for reservoir silt. Over the years, he did not hide his private strategy, but instead he attracted a group of like-minded mud masters. When they saw the problem, they could accurately analyze the cause and achieve better results, and the business flow was endless. Cross-border cooperation, cultural and creative style of sludge The immediate results are not enough for Guo Wenyi. The huge reservoir sludge needs a larger market to digest. He noticed that in addition to home renovations, more DIY ethnic groups are keen on space decoration. Therefore, the team of LeTu selected the best domestic protective materials together to create a decorative material package that everyone can use. For example, through the "Happy Land Stucco", the shapes of various boards such as wood boards and calcium silicate boards can be easily transformed into the texture of cement to build another space beauty. Located at Dihua Street in Taipei, "Ye Jinfa Trading Company-Rice Cereals", the simple, smooth, cement-like cooking bar at the entrance of the store is one of the classic works decorated with Happy Land Stucco. In addition, LeTu also cooperated with Taiwan's clothing design brand oqLiq (Jumo Company) to jointly create the second brand BI-BIRTH Cement Laboratory. The main focus is on recycling materials as the design basis, and the development of sludge leather, mud dyeing, etc. Cement leather shoes, wallets, installation art and other fashion applications, to create a unique global environmental protection cement leather cultural and creative brand. As a result, Land has become associated with Tainan's enterprises and the SMEs of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It has become one of Tainan's local members of the "functional apparel fashion design ecosystem", providing designers with a new waterproof material, which is waterproof and rainproof in the rain. Effect, hand in hand with 40 companies to regenerate waste and create more fashion goods. Start with children and take root in environmental education It was originally the first spin-off company that was born from the success of the University of Technology and Incubation Center. Therefore, in addition to research and development of innovative applications, promoting environmental education is also one of the company's missions. Guo Wenyi is particularly concerned about taking roots in children's education. In the art class of the elementary school, Guo Wenyi became "Mango Brother" and taught the children to understand the characteristics of silt in the reservoir. Through creation, he used the silt to create the local mascot, the sword lion, or the fastener on the bag. Design your own bag. Guo Wenyi often turns into a mango brother to introduce the characteristics of silt to children, and provide environmental education in his creation. Image source: Courtesy of Land This year, the LeTu team collaborated with Oz Creative to play new innovative applications. Taking the park that is easy to gather crowds as an entry point, the special park recreation facility-"Song of Marching Music" was designed, and plastic materials were replaced with silt inorganic polymer materials to create step-on playground equipment such as rockets, planets, and alien plants. When children step on and off, kinetic energy is converted into sound and light. "Wow! He will glow!" A little boy was busy shuttleping between jumpers, sweating in the cold weather, "I like the blue planet because I like blue the most, And I step on him, he will glow and the sound is cool! "This is the first time that the Xiang March has been set up outdoors. Sludge turned into a gorgeous transformation of "mud" The children ran and jumped back and forth, as if they were creating a piece of music. The park also emits colorful and beautiful lights, attracting more adults and children to come and play together. At night, dark parks can be made safer by the light. In the process, not only the children's movement balance and space conception were trained, but also the curiosity and understanding of the silt of the reservoir were triggered, so that the concept of environmental education entered the lives of the people.


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