Masonry project: how to save pre-sale tenants, so designers suggest

In addition to the low down payment provided by the housing market for pre-sale housing,,home buyers also become more flexible, but what should be paid attention to in order to avoid unnecessary expenses? The designer recommends that from the pre-sale house to the completed house stage, it is best to use the same designer to confirm the layout of the home and the size of the project early to save the cost of changes. In addition, experts also reminded that if you want to change the bathroom tile It is suggested that the selected color tiles can be directly constructed on top of the original tiles, so that there is no need to do waterproof engineering. Guest transformer design includes "change of pattern", "adjustment of pipeline socket adjustment", "return of building materials and equipment" and other projects. Designer Zhou Jianzhi of Chunyu Design Company said that in the case of passenger transformer, the designer will respond to the needs of the owner. First, prepare the floor plan, and then send it to the builder for subsequent adjustments, such as the size and location of the compartments, door openings, and the location and number of sockets. If you want a voltage of 110 or 220 volts, the number and location of the circuit and outlet of the lamp , The location of air-conditioning drainage, floor selection, equipment provided by the builder, etc., are all things to consider during the passenger transformer stage.   If you want to decorate the pre-sale house, if you ask the designer to design and construct, you can start looking for the designer during the pre-sale house change stage. It is recommended that you find the designer to plan early in the 2 months before the change. It is best to have the same designer from the pre-sale house to the finished house. In this way, in the future communication and planning, the overall design can be coherent and save costs, such as eliminating pipeline knocks and compartment changes.   Zhou Jianzhi said that first confirming the layout of the home and the size of the project can save the subsequent demolition of the wall. If you want to save decoration costs, it is recommended to keep the kitchenware, bathroom equipment and floor tiles provided by the builder. You can also ask It will be more economical for the builder to assist in upgrading the equipment, fine-tuning or adding or removing equipment.   If there are other things you want to change, the designer will also return the unsuitable equipment to the builder according to the living needs of the homeowner. For example, if you want to make a hidden door, you can return the door first in the stage of customer change and confirm the height of the door opening. And width, to avoid the cost of removing the door and mud works in the future.   Many people will also consider the bathroom and kitchen parts of guest transformers. Mr. Youtuber Architecture said that low down payment home buyers should take the convenience of life as the main consideration for passenger transformers, such as the location of the power switch, the voltage of the socket, and the number of uses. Appliances, gas stoves and other electrical appliances, you need to pay attention to whether there is a 220 volt voltage, and most of the construction company's standard equipment is only a dishwasher or a dish dryer. If you often cook, it is recommended to choose a dishwasher. This will increase the relationship between husband and wife.   If the small room is used as a compartment, it is necessary to conceive the space planning in advance, otherwise you will have to redo it afterwards, and you will definitely increase the cost. If you want to change the bathroom tile color, it is recommended that the selected color tile be directly constructed Above the tile, most people will return the tile that was built with the trademark first, and then re-tiling when decorating, but the material cost returned can not be refunded much, and it may be necessary to redo the small project of waterproofing.


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