FENDI actually sells "ditch covers"


In recent years, the Italian boutique FENDI has actively transformed, and finally shined last year. It was also selected by the fashion circle as "the most popular fashion boutique in 2018". FENDI's most popular transformation is the large FF Logo design. However, some netizens recently took a holiday to Segovia in Spain during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Quite surprised, joking PO Wen said, "Who is FENDI on the ground! I love this gutter cover ..." This gutter cover that appears in Segovia, Spain, is actually not a design by FENDI, but a gutter cover made by Fundiciones Fernandez, a Spanish company specializing in making gutter covers. Because the company's abbreviation is "F.F", the design of the FF Logo will be placed on the gutter cover. Actually go to the official website of Fundiciones Fernandez, and you can also see the design of a variety of gutter covers printed with FF Logo. Although netizens believe that such a gully cover "makes the whole city fashionable", they can't help wondering if there is a problem with design infringement.


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