Japan's clear ditch is surprised to see the big fish! Netizens sigh: Taiwan used to do the same


So clean! A netizen posted a photo of a gully in Japan on Facebook. I saw that the water quality was clear and I could see three big fish swimming in the water. After the photo PO appeared, other netizens sighed: "It was the same in Taiwan before." The original PO netizen posted a photo taken on Facebook's "Blast Waste Commune" today in the Gassho Village on the mountain in Shirakawa-go, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. A gutter is clean and clear, with two big black fish and a fat white. The big fish is swimming in the water. The original PO couldn't help wondering, "Is this a ditch or a fish pond?" After the article PO was published, it aroused heated discussion among netizens. In this regard, netizens have commented that "this water is clear and clear", "looks very cold", "the Japanese ditch is so clean", "it is too clean," and some people say "there is only smelly ditch in Taiwan" "In the past, the gutters in many areas of Taiwan were full of fish," "I miss so many creatures in the gutters before," "love rivers are also a pile of fish and a pile of dead fish."


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