Super vitality! Hundreds of Wu Guoyu in Changhua Ditch

A local ditch in Changhua County was found to be vigorous in the water today (28). A large number of Wu Guoyu swim in it. The huge number was stunned by netizens after exposure on the Internet. They all called "casually fishing in the city", "nearby There should be animal husbandry. " The public uploaded a video filmed in Changhua to the Facebook group "Blast Waste Commune". From there, they could see hundreds of plump Wu Guoyu in the row of Lunmei Road. As soon as they noticed movement on the water, the school of fish They will come closer and look at them. The denseness of them makes the original PO feel incredible. He said, "Everyone with super vitality can eat fatty pigs, so you can consider challenging the fishing without bait." Netizens were very surprised when they saw the video. They commented, "Fishing first to raise water for two weeks, just in the Mid-Autumn Festival." "I moved away from my home and caught Wu Guoyu in the ditch with my hands. Many exploded. "," Hurry up and sell it at the grocery market, "" really reach living creatures that can eat the soil, "" where is this in Changhua, ask for fishing spots, "" when it takes time, you can fish for fun! ".


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